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Social Learning with CoachingOurselves

70:20:10 Special Offers

Developed by Henry Mintzberg and Phil LeNir. Bringing Peer-Coaching to Organisations, based on Social Learning 70:20:10

Integrating 70:20:10 & new to the UK

Helping groups & managers learn from each other, giving organisations the capacity to develop themselves.

Modules are explored in groups of 4-6 in just 90-minutes with more than 80 modules to select from.
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Thought-provoking and no time lost as you
'Work ON the business while staying IN the business'

By joining the growing network of organisations using the CoachingOurselves library of modules, you will attract & retain new talent, grow your business, and magnify the impact across your organisation.

Charles Jennings introduces the concept of moving away from purely classroom based learning, & towards the 70 20 10 learning journey

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